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Herbert Close

Corporal, No 40, 6th Australian Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company

6th Broad Gauge Railway Company, formerly Special Draft, Railway Unit, no. 1 Section.

Tennyson Street, Campsie.

Engine driver (next door to Private Herbert Jarrett).

Born 1882, son of Jonathan and Jane Close Married Minnie E. Viney 1903.

Enlisted 5/1/1917, aged 35.


Church of England.

Wife: Mrs Minnie Ellen Close.

Embarked from Sydney 7/2/1917 per HMAT A18 Wiltshire.

Casualty list SMH18/2/1919 Ill.

Returned to Australia 19/4/1919.

Died 1937.

Herbert Close was born in Harden in 1882 to Jonathon and Jane (Hopkins). Jonathon was the railway steam shed inspector at Harden and would move to Wagga Wagga, Junee, Goulburn and Eveleigh by 1897 when Herbert began his railway career as a messenger at Eveleigh Loco. He was promoted to loco cleaner in 1898, fireman in 1906 and driver in 1912. Apart from a brief period at Junee in 1900 and again from 1905 to 1909 Herbert would be based at Eveleigh Loco for all of his railway career. He married Minnie Viney in 1903. They had two sons, John and Herbert.

Close was living in Tennyson St Campsie (next door to Private Herbert Jarrett) when he enlisted in No 1 Section, Railway Unit on 5 January 1917. The No 1 Section would ultimately become the 6th Australian Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company and would operate railways supporting the Ypres section of the Western Front. He was hospitalized with illness in December 1918 and returned to Australia in April 1919.

After resuming his career with the NSW Railways, Close was involved in a serious accident at Hurstville when another train ran into the back of his train. He retired in 1935 and died in 1937.

The Australian War memorial holds a photo of Herbert Close, that included an embedded photo of his family. [1]

Australian War Memorial record available at: https://www.awm.gov.au/people/rolls/R1752288/ [accessed 30/09/2016].

Special acknowledgement

The primary source of the information on this page is copied from the prize winning publication Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe. This book is the culmination of 12 years (1988-2000) research by a team of volunteers from the Canterbury and District Historical Society led by Dr Lesley Muir. Without this team's effort and dedication and the Society's willingness and support, this information would not be available today.


An uneditable version of the book Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe is in the eBook section of this wiki. In the main section, there is an alphabetical list of the 1,911 individuals recorded in the book - the list is titled Canterbury's Boys List. Each name in the list is linked to an editable biographical file created by copying the biography copied from the book. These editable biographies have been created to provide the space for descendants, historians, researchers, etc to add information, photographs, newspaper articles, memories, etc. they have discovered so it is available for this and future generations.


Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe. Edited by Lesley Muir. Campsie, N.S.W. : Canterbury and District Historical Society, 2002